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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday: YOU!

Since I don't always post every day I didn't want you to miss my thoughts on the events last Thursday when I began filming for The Dr. Oz Show.  I also didn't want you to miss what I had to say about filming on Friday.  However, that was last week and this is this week and it's already Thursday but this week I totally knew it was coming and it didn't surprise me!  So, I say we should move on with Thankful Things Thursday.  If you're new to the blog then clicking on the last link will help you understand what the Thursday post are all about.  Now, are you ready?  Let's get thankful people!

This week I have one great big, ginormous thing to be OVER THE MOON THANKFUL FOR ....
The number of wonderful and touching emails, facebook posts, twitter messages and comments on the blog has been overwhelming.  I've heard from other people who battle weight, people who battle Crohn's, people who battle both and it helps remind me that we are not in this alone.  The outpouring of support has been amazing and I don't know how else to thank everyone.  There are multiple times a day when I am rendered completely speechless and even charming husband was shocked at that!  He didn't know which was more shocking the fact that I kept a secret from Friday until Monday morning or that I could be speechless.  :)  He says thank you for that, by the way!  

You are all an amazing support structure and I hope to make you proud.  As a daughter (and daughter-in-law), sister, and wife I knew I had support when I started this but this goes way beyond my wildest imaginations.  Regardless of how the show works out I am thrilled to be am ambassador for health and wellness and will continue to share my goofy stories with you.  

If you haven't voted for me (you can vote up to 10 times per day through May 13) please do - I will be eternally grateful! 

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