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Friday, May 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Good Day Chicago

Corey McPherrin, me, Anna Davlantes

I was nervous last night because I kept thinking that I had missed my alarm clock and was going to be late to my train and thus miss my opportunity to be on Good Day Chicago.  I think I woke up every hour to check the time and not surprisingly I was awake before my alarm went off.  I got up and showered, did my make up (seriously) and hair.  After getting dressed I had to go wake up Dan so that he could take a picture.  I'd asked Jen if I could send her a picture so she could tell me if my make-up was hideous.  She gave me a virtual thumbs up which I really appreciated.  Then I was out the door to drive to Rosemont so I could hope on the blue line to the city.  From there it was a quick cab ride over to the building where Good Day Chicago is filmed.

Again, everyone was super nice to me and that made me a little bit less nervous.  While I was in the green room (which wasn't green but that's where they told me to wait until it was time for my segment) I met the Celeb TV entertainment reporter.  She was making a gummy bear martini, I think because one of the RHONY women makes it and she's in town for a book signing.  I sort of wished that was going to be my segment and had I not had to go to work after the interview I might have had that drink - or at least those cute little drunk gummy bears!  The part that really put me at ease was the fact that she looked at my shirt and told me it was a great color for TV.  Seriously?  That made me feel good!

They told me that Corey McPherrin would be interviewing me and that I'd get to sit behind the desk - which lets face it made me feel pretty freakin' cool.  This time I remember more of the interview than I did when I was on with Dr. Oz so that's an improvement I suppose.  The only thing that threw me off was the question about Crohn's disease.  I really do know a lot about it, having lived with it for over 5 years but when I watched the interview I thought I sounded like a moron.  If you have questions about Crohn's post 'em in the comments section and I'll answer them much more informatively than I did on air.  Promise.

Soon the interview was over and then my dorkiness kicked in.  I didn't know if I should stay or go or what.  Turns out that they wanted a photo with me as much as I wanted one with them!  The Social Media Director took a couple of quick shots, Anna said I could come back if I win the contest and then I said good bye to everyone.  I'm not sure why I got all stressed out about the interview because it was totally fine.
As I was on my way home from work I got an email from my CSA.  I'd spoken with Farmer John (the owner/farmer for my CSA) yesterday and he asked if they could send out an email to their mailing list to let people know about my story.  What they sent was amazing!  I was not surprised by the email but I certainly was delighted.  They also posted a link to an old blog post I wrote about being a CSA shareholder.  I felt like a rock star.  :)

If you haven't voted yet today (you can vote up to 10 times per day through May 13) please do - I will be eternally grateful!

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