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Monday, May 7, 2012

Dr. Oz Transformation Nation Million Dollar You!

If you haven't already read from my twitter feed (@jenmcelroy) or aren't friends with me on Facebook (really, why not?) then this will shock you!  Last week while in New York City filming for The Dr. Oz Show I found out that I was in the Top 10 for the Transformation Nation Million Dollar You contest.  Now it's up to you guys - you have to go vote for me.  You can vote 10 times per day for the next week and I hope you will (and that you won't get mad at me when I repeatedly remind you).

So go here and vote for me and please tell your friends!  

Thank you so much for your love and support!  I've gotten so many sweet emails, facebook, twitter and text messages today that I am completely overwhelmed.  I'm going to put together some  post about my time in NYC... I promise cause I have some interesting stories to tell (at least I think they are interesting).

Please vote, early and often.


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    1. This is so surreal!! I love your blog and I can't believe you read this!! Oh my goodness!! Thanks Ashley!!