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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Focus... wait, what was I saying?

Last week I had a pretty good weight loss so when I got on the scale this week I was constantly reminding myself that I need to accept whatever the scale said because the likelihood of having two big losses in two weeks is not tremendously likely, though it would be tremendously welcome in my weight loss journal!!

Anyway...I think I lost a little bit of focus this week.  It was easy to do and it's easy to make excuses.  I was busy with school work, work work, then I went on the scrapbook retreat and I had one sick dog.  Except, none of those things are the real reason that I didn't lose weight this week.  There is one simple reason, I lost focus.  I still ate pretty well but I didn't get much activity in and I really need to start doing that consistently.  Which is, ironically, the challenge from my leader this week is to get in more activity. 

So, what is your favorite activity?  What do you do so you won't get hurt or bored or disappointed?  Do you do different activities in the winter that you do in the other seasons?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Points Allowance

Two weeks ago I blogged about not being able to stop eating but luckily that seems to have changed after the weigh-in.  What a relief!  Last week it was like someone flipped a switch in my brain or stomach to tell me that I could stop eating.  It was fortunate that happened because my sinuses acted up again last week and I almost never left the house.  Working from home certainly has its advantages especially when it comes to really paying attention to what you are eating.  I was able to really get in a lot of power foods which could have also helped with making me feel full.  The good thing I realized is that there are a lot of ways to get in your power foods because it isn't just all fruits and vegetables.  You can also have lean protein, fish (YUM!) and whole grains to round out a meal. 

Our leader gave us a new challenge this week.  The challenge is to use our weekly points allowance to indulge in things we wouldn't normally have.  She didn't mean that we should go overboard but that we can use our weekly points allowance so that it doesn't seem like a diet but rather a way that we can live.  Sounds easy enough!  With a scrapbook retreat coming up that shouldn't be that difficult.

How will you use your weekly points allowance or what do you indulge on?  How do you make sure that you don't go overboard?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Power Up!

Last week I couldn't stop eating.  I knew I couldn't stop eating but I tried to make the healthiest choices possible.  I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and some dairy.  At the meeting last night one of the new members asked me how my week was and I told her just that.  I ate practically non-stop and I knew I was eating a lot but I was hungry.
She looked and me and said, oh and you lost weight? 
I looked at her and I dead panned this nugget of wisdom to her.  Uh, no.  When you eat non-stop, even if it's healthy choices, you don't lose weight.
I gained 0.6 pounds last week.  I knew it wouldn't be a good weigh-in so I was actually a little relieved that it was only half a pound.

Another newbie at the meeting turned to me and said, I'd like to ask you something since you're kind of an expert at this.  Do you go out after the meeting and celebrate with a big meal?

Uh.  No.  If I did that just means that I have to work harder the rest of the week.  The goal is to lose the weight and you can't 'celebrate' every weigh-in because that comes every week.  If I'm going to celebrate something I want it to be big.  A promotion, birthday, or my bestie quitting her job.  You know, things like that!  I kept thinking about this, even after the meeting, and wondered if this woman had really thought about what she wants from this program.  I know, because I've done this before, that I have to continue living on this program for the rest of my life or I will gain all the weight back and probably more.  While I realize that celebrating weigh-in or giving yourself a break is a necessity it can't be a weekly necessity, at least not if you're doing it with food.  There are other ways to celebrate a good weigh-in though and I've utilized them.  Some suggestions that I've gotten:
  1. Get a massage
  2. Get a mani/pedi
  3. Buy new clothes
  4. See a movie
  5. Plan a weekend away doing something fun (I encourage a scrapbook retreat but that's just me)
The point is to celebrate but do it in a way where you can be healthy and continue with your journey. 

Anyway... the meeting started and it surprised me how much the new members had to offer.  It kind of cracked me up that they offer all this sage wisdom when they've been doing the program for one week.  And for the record, I realize that I'm kind of a jerk for being overly critical.

Our leader gave us a challenge for the week.  To have 10 meals of nothing but power foods, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins etc..  Can you do it?  I'm going to try.  I already had one.  Yeah me!

Our meeting location is having a 'Bring a Friend' special - anyone interested in joining our Fattie's Unite Tonight group?  Anyone?  Buehler?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Goals?

With the start of the New Year everyone seems to be in quite a rush to make resolutions.  I've made them in the past but like most people I let them slide by about the third or fourth week in January.  I didn't make any big resolutions this year... but I am trying to make a few improvements.
  1. Really work the WW program and continue the progress started in 2010 (that seems like a no brainer though)
  2. Stop swearing so much (I try not to swear when blogging but in my daily life I tend to throw out an F-bomb every now and then, much to my father's "delight"!)
  3. Blog more regularly (both here and on my crafty blog - - and I apologize for the shameless self promotion!)
I'd also be really happy (as would my husband) if I'd be more proactive about cleaning out the fridge.  However, three improvements already seem like a lot.  Anyway, since this blog is about my weight loss journey let's talk about weigh-in day.  First, our leader has "warned" us for the past couple of weeks that the first few meetings in January would be busy so I got there a little bit early.  There were already a few of the regulars there so it was nice to see them.  One of the other "losers" has lost over 80 pounds and is really nice, she reminds me a lot of my Aunt Laurie.  Both are super nice and the WW meeting mate (I'm not sure what to call other people in WW) always asks me how I did for the week and how much that is total.  Anyway... I weighed in and I knew I lost but I wasn't doing the math ...  My leader did.


First Karen high-fived me and then she hugged me!  Seriously, you can't have a better leader than someone who gives you that much support!!  I lost 2.8 pounds this week and 62.2 pounds total.  SWEET!!!

So, are you setting resolutions or just trying to make smaller improvements in your life?

Happy New Year peeps!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Soyracha Shrimp Sesame

Soyracha Shrmip Sesame (Says a Me)
WW PointsPlus per serving:  5
Makes 4 servings

1 pound broccoli
1 pound asparagus
1 pound shrimp
1/4 c. soy sauce (low sodium)
1 tsp. sriracha sauce (or crushed red pepper flakes could be used instead)

In a wok, add 1 1/2 t. sesame oil and add the vegetables (could also use onions, peppers, garlic, whatever you have on hand)
I kept them moving in the pan and cooked them until they were only slightly crunchy
Remove the vegetables from the pan
Add remaining oil, then add shrimp
Keep them moving so they don't burn
In a separate cup stir together 1/4 soy sauce and sriracha or crushed red pepper flakes
Add the vegetables and sauce into wok so everything gets coated by the sauce

Remove from heat and serve.