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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Goals?

With the start of the New Year everyone seems to be in quite a rush to make resolutions.  I've made them in the past but like most people I let them slide by about the third or fourth week in January.  I didn't make any big resolutions this year... but I am trying to make a few improvements.
  1. Really work the WW program and continue the progress started in 2010 (that seems like a no brainer though)
  2. Stop swearing so much (I try not to swear when blogging but in my daily life I tend to throw out an F-bomb every now and then, much to my father's "delight"!)
  3. Blog more regularly (both here and on my crafty blog - - and I apologize for the shameless self promotion!)
I'd also be really happy (as would my husband) if I'd be more proactive about cleaning out the fridge.  However, three improvements already seem like a lot.  Anyway, since this blog is about my weight loss journey let's talk about weigh-in day.  First, our leader has "warned" us for the past couple of weeks that the first few meetings in January would be busy so I got there a little bit early.  There were already a few of the regulars there so it was nice to see them.  One of the other "losers" has lost over 80 pounds and is really nice, she reminds me a lot of my Aunt Laurie.  Both are super nice and the WW meeting mate (I'm not sure what to call other people in WW) always asks me how I did for the week and how much that is total.  Anyway... I weighed in and I knew I lost but I wasn't doing the math ...  My leader did.


First Karen high-fived me and then she hugged me!  Seriously, you can't have a better leader than someone who gives you that much support!!  I lost 2.8 pounds this week and 62.2 pounds total.  SWEET!!!

So, are you setting resolutions or just trying to make smaller improvements in your life?

Happy New Year peeps!

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