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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday: Marinades, Coaches, and Shakes

I know you'll be shocked that Thursday snuck up on me again but I've been busy and knew (all day) that I still needed to write this post.  However, since it's still Thursday I still have time to be thankful and I hope you will be as we get into the latest episode of Thankful Things Thursday.

1)  Dan found a great marinade recipe and we had this amazing rack of lamb that we bought a few weeks ago and had in the freezer.  He grilled it over the weekend and it was soooo yummy.  I love that man for searching out ways to make delicious food so that I don't always have to do it.  As much as I love reading recipes and finding new things it's nice to have help.

2)  I've been working on my 5K to 10K training program the last couple of weeks and one thing that has not only made post-race recovery a little more fun is the combination of my latest protein shake.  It's 1/2 cup milk, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup frozen cherries and a packet of Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie Mix.  Put them all in the blender and whip it up.  So yummy to drink while I'm checking out my splits and rolling out my legs.

3)  Remember a few weeks ago when I was on The Dr. Oz Show?  I might have mentioned it once or twice!  While on the show I found out that I was getting a running coach through Team Challenge - well my coach emailed me this week and we're trying to schedule a meeting so she can tell me all about the program.  I'm super excited/terrified but Coach Barbara seems cool with that and reassured me that I can do it.  I'll provide more details as I find them out so stay tuned.

So, while there are still a few hours left to the day - get thankful.  And tell me what you're thankful for?  Something yummy?  A new goal?  A new milestone?  New clothes?  What is it?

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