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Friday, March 1, 2013

Choose your hard

The scale can be a bitch.  Honestly the last few weeks have been really difficult to deal with.  Seeing the scale creep down and then leap back up is frustrating when I've been mostly good about measuring, tracking and getting in activity.  A few weeks ago during the Weight Watchers meeting one of my favorite members, Diane, recalled a conversation with our leader, Karen.  Diane asked Karen if weight loss ever got easier and Karen responded that her leader once said "you choose your hard".  (That's what she said).

This quote has been rolling around in my brain for the last few weeks probably because it's so true.  It was hard being nearly 400 pounds.  It was hard just being.  It was hard to lose 200 pounds.  It was hard always being sick from either not eating healthy or from Crohn's.  It was hard to undergo abdominal surgery (twice) because I was obese.  It was hard to start walking.  And, guess what, it was really hard to start running.  So, what am I stressing about to lose another 26 pounds?  For the first time in my life I choose easy.

I choose to eat healthy.  I choose to run.  I choose to live in the body that I never thought I'd have.  Most importantly, I choose to be happy.  Even if I don't lose another pound.  I choose this life.

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  1. So true. Here's to choosing an extraordinary life!