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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My name is Jen

And I have a food addiction.  Over the weekend we went to a St. Patrick's party thrown by our friends.  There was so much delicious food and drink.  Oh so much food.  That I couldn't stop eating.  Or drinking.  By the end of the evening I was so sick to my stomach.  On the way home Dan kept commenting on how good the food was and it nearly made me throw up.  Just the thought of food was too much for me at that point.  I certainly hated how I felt after eating all of that.  I got on my home scale on Sunday morning and I knew I'd be up (and I was) but it was over and done with so I could only move on.

When I got on the scale at weigh in today I was a little surprised that I was exactly the same weight as last week.  Neither good, nor bad.  Just.... the same.  My friend, Melany, asked if I ate corned beef over the weekend (uh... duh?) and said that I was likely still salty.  Who knows... what I do know is that I really need to get the social eating under control.  When we eat at home or even at restaurants I am able to control what, and more importantly how much, I eat by ordering what I want/need.  When the food is available in a more buffet like setting I have no control.  I definitely need to find some control in that situation.

Question:  Have you found situations that surprised you?  Workouts you loved more than anything?  Food situations that make you wonder WTF?  Have you mastered the buffet?  If so, how?


  1. Oh, food. Why must you be so delicious?

    I have definitely not mastered any tough food situations. Awesome that you were neither up nor down! So now it's back to the program; all progress, no matter how small, is progress.

  2. I have definitely not mastered the buffet. I usually get in a feeding frenzy then feel kinda sick later and have a hard time sleeping comfortably. It usually means I will eat better the following week, but sooner or later a buffet type situation will come around again and I will splurge! But, from what I've read one splurge every so often does not cause weight gain. It's probably more the extra cookie or two per day over a year that is a more likely culprit.