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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Oh look! A random Team Challenge
race photo!  How'd that get here?
Friday morning I woke up intending to run complete my 10 mile run before seeing the fabulous Dr. Davenport, unfortunately, my stomach was a little wonky.  I went through my usual pre-run routine... peanut butter toast with banana, coffee, bathroom, etc... I headed out in fairly good conditions (30ish degrees with very little wind) so I was kind of excited about being able to run.  Unfortunately, a couple miles in and Morty (the name I've given my Crohn's disease) started acting up.  I paused for a minute and the pain (and desire to use the bathroom) passed so I continued running.  About five miles in the pain and bathroom requiredness returned and I panicked a little bit because I wasn't near my house or a public restroom.  Thankfully, I was near my sister-in-laws house so I stopped to use her bathroom.  I continued on but about a half mile later the pain and the desire to throw up were too much.  I stopped, turned around and started walking home.  I've had good runs and bad runs before but I feel like a huge quitter when it happens.  It does, however, remind me exactly why I run and train with Team Challenge.  So, while the long run this week was hard it definitely reminded me of WHY this is so important.  There is no cure for Crohn's and Colitis but the next dollar that is raised could be the dollar that finds a huge breakthrough!  Will you please help me raise money for this great cause?  

Oshkosh Half Marathon Training Schedule
Monday:  Run, 2 miles, easy
Tuesday:  Cross train
Wednesday:  Run, 5 miles, tempo (w/u, 3 mi @ 9:47, c/d)
Thursday:  Strength train
Friday:  Run, 2 miles, easy
Saturday:  Run, 10 miles
Sunday:  Rest

And here's how the week actually went
Monday:  Run, 3 miles @ 10:02/mi
Tuesday:  Bike Trainer, 1 hour, covered 14.7 miles
Wednesday:  Run, 5.73 miles (w/u @ 10:27, 3 miles @ 9:36, c/d @ 10:07)
Thursday:  Bike Trainer, 30 minutes + strength training
Friday:  Run, 6.38 miles @ 10:34/mi
Saturday:  Run, 3 miles @ 10:09/mi
Sunday:  Rest

How do you get past the mental anxiety of having a bad run and knowing that you need to try again?

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