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Sunday, March 10, 2013

More about choices...

A few weeks ago I wrote about choosing what is hard.  The last couple of weeks have been a little out of sorts for me because the weather has caused my regular Tuesday meeting to be cancelled.  I still made it to a weigh-in (but not a meeting) each week and this week I gained 0.8 pounds.  When I saw it on the scale I kind of laughed at it and said awesome.  The receptionist told me she'd gained this week but she didn't say awesome when she saw the scale.

The bit that gets me out of sorts is not only missing my meeting (and thus all of the friends/inspiration I get from my meeting-mates) but the fact that last week was such a huge loss at 4.6 pounds.  Maybe I gained the 0.8 this week because last week was such a huge loss?  Maybe not.  Maybe the increase in my mileage is driving me to eat more?  I feel like I am eating more food but I am trying to make healthy choices.  I suppose that's why I'm not really surprised or upset by a gain this week.  I'm not sure how I would have done things differently or whether this is just how my body is going to be.

The other thought, besides the food choices, that rumbles around in my head at least once a day is that maybe this is all the weight that I will lose.  I'm going to keep trying and see what happens but I'm not going to get all worked up about not hitting my next goal.

Have you lost weight during half marathon training?  Would you expect to or would you expect to gain?

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  1. I never lose a pound during any long distance training but I believe it's because I'm feeding a machine that forgets it has "extra" to feed off of already! ;-) I know it can be done but you really have to keep the calories in check and no junk.