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Monday, February 25, 2013


I'm really tired of saying that I was taking it easy this week because of my cranky IT band.  Unfortunately, this was sort of one of those weeks.  I had two treatments with Dr. D and overall it feels better.  There is still some pain in the beginning of a run but once I'm fully warmed up it seems to go away and hasn't been coming back, much, throughout the rest of the day.  In addition to the shock therapy (ultrasound stimulation) that he's doing he also gave me some additional stretches to do so I've been incorporating those into my cool down routine.

The reason my Saturday run was longer than my plan called for was because I didn't do my long run last weekend.  I talked to Coach B about whether I should stick with the planned 4 miles or run the missed 6 mile run and she told me that if I felt great to run 5 miles but if I had any pain during the run to stop at 4.  As I said before once I got going and warmed up things felt fine.  It wasn't my fastest run but it definitely felt good to log the miles.

Monday:  Run, 3 miles, easy
Tuesday:  Cross train
Wednesday:  Run, 3 miles, easy
Thursday:  Strength train
Friday:  Run, 3 miles, easy
Saturday:  Run, 4 miles, easy
Sunday:  Rest

And here's how the week actually went:
Monday:  Run, 3.22 miles @ 10:45/mi
Tuesday:  Bike Trainer @ 1 hour
Wednesday:  Run, 3 miles @ 10:32/mi
Thursday:  Bike Trainer @ 30 minutes & some strength training
Friday:  Run, 3 miles @ 11:00/mi
Saturday:  Run, 5 miles @ 10:52/mi
Sunday:  Rest

How was your weekend?  Did you walk/run/race?  Are you overcoming injury?  If so, how?  Show some love in the comments and we can all learn from each other!

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