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Thursday, February 14, 2013

So much information...

This week at Weight Watchers we continued to explore planning activity.  I love this routine because it lets me feel more comfortable with the task at hand.  For example, when I am using a training plan (like I am right now!) I know which days are days I run vs. strength train vs cross train, etc..  In the few weeks that were between the half marathon in Las Vegas and the beginning of my current training cycle I didn't have a plan and I was frustrated with that.  I know that my body needed some downtime but I like having a plan and checking things off - it lets me feel even more accomplished than knowing that I had an awesome work out that day!

Coach B and me (almost done)
As I mentioned I am currently using a training plan because I'm training for half marathon #2 (in Oshkosh in April) and will continue training because I am again working with Team Challenge to run a third half marathon.  If you're interested in donating you can either mail me a check or use the secure website.  This is my way of wrapping these two topics together (with a bow on top) because the summer season is starting soon and we have begun our information sessions.

This season I am a mentor so I have the opportunity to speak based on my experience as a participant.  Obviously since I signed up to be a mentor before I'd even left for Las Vegas you know that I love the Team Challenge organization.  I had serious doubts about being able to complete a half marathon but my fabulous (and patient) coach told me that she was going to get me across the finish line and she did!

I can't wait to meet all my new teammates and start training with them.  Not only because I like to have a plan but also because I had such a fantastic experience with Team Challenge and now I get to help other people have their own fantastic experience.  Yes, I'm slightly giddy about all of this ...

Here is the schedule for the Chicago-land area meetings.  There are Team Challenge info sessions going on all over the country though so if you aren't in Chicago you can still hook up with a group!  You can click here to find a local team:

Are you coming to an information session?

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