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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My hip continued to bother me so I rested on Monday and then spent the rest of the week trying to ease back into training.  The keyword is ease!  It certainly wasn't the week of training that I wanted, nor that I was prepared for but it was the week that I had.  I'm still not sure what was causing the pain in my hip but since it seems to be getting better I'm not going to question it too much.  I suspect it may have been any one or more of the following:
  1. Riding the bike trainer
  2. Increasing the weight on the leg press machine and/or too many reps (too much, too soon)
  3. Age of running shoes (I got them before the half so they have ~250 miles on them at this point)
  4. Something unrelated that I have no idea what it is (I'm so specific, right?)
Monday:  Run, 4 miles, Easy
Tuesday:  Cross train
Wednesday:  Run, speed work, 4 miles (w/u, 2x1600 in 9:25 w/800 jogs, c/d)
Thursday:  Strength train
Friday:  Run, 30 minutes, Easy
Saturday:  Run, 6 miles
Sunday:  Rest

And here's how the week actually went:
Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Run, 2.15 miles easy, @ 10:51/mi
Wednesday:  Two fat bike rides for a total of 86 minutes of riding (100% fun in the snow!)
Thursday:  Run, speed work (w/u, 7 x 2:00 @ 6 mph w/1:00 @ 5 mph, c/d), Fat bike ride (45 minutes)
Friday:  Run, 35 minutes, easy; Fat bike ride (30 minutes)
Saturday:  Run, 5 miles
Sunday:  Rest

Have you been sidelined by injury?  Were you able to figure out exactly what you did so you stop doing it to yourself?

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