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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How low can I go?

Well, the ups and downs continue... last week I was up 0.8 pounds and this week I am down 1.0 pounds.  Over the weekend we celebrated Dan's birthday by visiting a new craft brewery for beer sampling (there was a beer that tasted like raisin bread -- YUM!) and then another brew pub for lunch.  In addition to birthday celebrations there was also the super bowl and while we did not attend a party we did prepare football friendly eats.

I'd found some new recipes so we decided to try them out.  We made the Skinny Buffalo Chicken Bites (we added a little habanero death dust to the recipe for more spice), Baked Jalapeno Poppers, fruit salad, vegetables with dip, and Crescent Roll Asparagus.  I tweaked the asparagus recipe slightly and used more asparagus and less crescent rolls.  All of these things were absolutely delicious and Dan said that the Buffalo Chicken bites would definitely become a staple for home football games because they taste like real buffalo wings.

The important lesson that I still need to learn is how to prepare the right proportion of food.  This has always been a problem for me and is the reason that we always seem to end up with a ton of left over food from most parties/events.  I definitely ate more food than I should have but I suppose that it was, at least, a healthier alternative than full fat chicken wings and jalapeno poppers.  So, there's that...

How was your weekend?  Did you splurge at a super bowl party?

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