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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday: Willpower, friends and stretching

Oh my goodness, can you believe it's already Thursday?  I thought, on Monday, this week was going to go really slowly but I don't really know what happened but it's already time for another episode of Thankful Things Thursday!!

1)  From time to time I have early conference calls which screws up my working out schedule and I often times end up taking it as a rest day.  Having just gone through the calendar this week I knew I didn't have any extra days just hanging around if I'm going to be ready to RUN THE WHOLE 5K in Eagle River in one month.  So, I used all the willpower I had and forced myself out of bed earlier than usual today to get in a few miles (3.15 to be exact) in.  It wasn't my usual 4 mile route which is disappointing but perhaps I can get out a little later to get in a mile or two of walking (I know he'd love it).

2)  The people at my WW meeting are the next thing that I am thankful for today.  We had a lot of celebrations, again, this week (WAY TO GO EVERYONE!!) and I think it is so much fun to see how everyone gets excited about the accomplishments that everyone is making.  You guys totally rock and I'm so glad that my meeting is filled with such supportive people.  I also know there were a few who were struggling and I hope that the support is helping to keep those folks engaged.  There are weeks that we struggle, maybe not plateau, but it's still disappointing at the scale.  It's really important to find the strength to keep going and sometimes that simply comes from a friend or meeting member encouraging you along.

3)  The last thing I'm thankful for today (or at least for this list) is stretching.  I saw my doctor yesterday (Hey Dr. B!) for a physical and I mentioned that my knees were kind of bothering me.  Dr. Dan (aka my husband suggested I start taking oil pills) but Dr. B (who ACTUALLY went to medical school) told me she didn't think that would help and suggested some new stretches to do after running.  I thought that was awesome mostly cause I don't like taking pills and am amazed when I do take them consistently.  The gummy vitamins don't count cause they are like candy.  Sorry Dr. B I know I sounded all grown up when I told you I take a multivitamin but let's be real, a sour gummy vitamin, YES PLEASE!  Anyway, I'm going to stretch, use the Tiger Tail stick roller and maybe buy a foam roller to keep the knees and muscles in check.

Now it's your turn - what are you thankful for today?  What made you smile or makes your socks roll up and down?!  Go on, share!

Oh and cause I needed a new picture taken let me share this with you... it's a little like senior pictures, no?  Oh well, more details on this later.

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