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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sooooo close

I knew I was close to a big number but I also knew that I had a big loss last week.  The odds of losing nearly 2.5 pounds two weeks in a row is definitely not the norm for me.  Add that to the fact that my scale showed a measly 0.8 pound loss this week and I wasn't feeling terribly optimistic about my weigh-in.  I got to my meeting, made a fast bathroom break and then jumped on the scale.  I lost 2.2 pounds.  This was great news but I knew I'd missed the big number by 0.2 pounds.  Pat suggested going back to the bathroom, or taking off various pieces of clothing.  I declined her offers reasoning that I'll hit that milestone next week.

During the meeting we talked about color on our plates.  Essentially adding color and making the meal visually appealing so that our eyes think we'll be full even before we take our first bite.  This is how I add color to my plate.  The meal was grilled chicken thighs (2 PP each), green beans, and stuffed mushroom caps.

The chicken thighs are in charming husband's wheelhouse.  Dan likes to sprinkle them with habanero death dust and I've recently taken to eating that (before he would make two separate batches, one much less spicy for me).

The green beans are frozen and one of our favorite side dishes because they are versatile as well as fast - throw them in the pan with olive oil and sautee until they are just turning brown.  Then spray with a little butter spray, add salt/pepper.  Some days I will alter the recipe leaving out the butter/salt/pepper but adding 10 grams of slivered almonds.  Other days I'll make the beans and top with 28 grams (1 oz) of shredded Parmesan cheese.  All of these are easy and delicious - the classic salt/pepper/butter spray is my favorite!

For the mushroom caps I pulled the stems out, put about 1/2 t. of balsamic vinegar in each cap and then split 28 grams (1 oz) of crumbed feta cheese with herbs among the 6 caps.  I broiled them for about 20 minutes (longer than I normally do) but loved them because the balsamic almost reduced and the feta got browned and a little bit crispy on top.

In all honesty I had 3 total chicken thighs and one more mushroom cap than was shown on this plate and it was DE-licious!

How do you add color to your plates?  Do you make them interesting so you don't get bored with them?

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