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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday: Some running things and some not

Thanks for reading the latest (and somewhat late) edition of Thankful Things Thursday.  This week has been a little crazy already with a race last Saturday, a race yesterday and a race this coming Saturday.  I say we just get on with the show, right?

With the excessive amounts of racing that I've done/am doing this week obviously the first thing I am super thankful for are rest days.  I read a blog about training for races and it said to take a rest day two days before the race so that made today a rest day.  After all the training I did last week to meet some personal fitness goals I hadn't had a rest day so it was really welcome to hang out in bed a little longer today.  That little adventure was cut short by some vacuuming that needed to be done but that's a conversation for another day.  I do feel rested and ready to bang out some miles tomorrow (a few, not many) to loosen up my legs and prepare for Saturday morning.

I'd read a bunch of blogs last year that talked about headbands to wear while working out.  Now... if you're new to the blog you probably aren't aware that when I work out I sweat.  A LOT.  At the end of a workout it is not uncommon for me to look like I've been swimming rather than running or even walking.  Even in the middle of winter I sweat like a beast.  I was home in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving last year and it was pretty chilly when I'd go workout and every time I'd come back Mom would be shocked at how sweaty I was... anyway... the next thing I am thankful for are bondi bands. Most headbands end up moving on my head and thus not really keeping my hair out of my eyes/mouth so I find them much more annoying than helpful.  I ordered some last year and loved them but lost them so this year I ordered more.  They not only keep my hair out of my eyes/mouth but they are also wicking so they absorb some of that glorious sweat.  Seriously?  Double duty?  I'll take it!

The last thing I'm thankful for this week (well really every week) is grilling.  Charming husband is always willing to light up some coals and grill up some tasty food and I love year round but now I'm telling him that I'm thankful for it.  Thanks D!  You rock at the grill/smoker and you can cook every single meal out there if you want.  You know, I'll let you and all.

So... you had extra time to think (since I'm posting this in the afternoon as opposed to the morning) what are you thankful for today?  Or any day?

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