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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday: Woolies, You and Races

I am, once again, shocked that it is already Thursday.  A few weeks ago I dropped my stats class because I was really stressed about it.  I would have thought that without having to work on homework all the time that I'd have hours to occupy but I've been so busy with lots of other things that my weeks are absolutely flying by.  I guess this is a good thing and it brings us back to another episode of Thankful Things Thursday.  If you're not familiar with the story behind this little blog feature click on the link and you'll find out all about it.  However, we're gonna get on wit' da show (minus Waldorf and Statler).  (2 bonus points for anyone who gets that reference).

1)  Anyone who really knows me (aka, Mom & Dan) know that I used to be perpetually hot.
Until I had my appendix out.  I thought this was very random but whatever and now I struggle to stay warm.  With the recent swings in temperatures I find myself with fingers and toes that are literally turning blue.  Honestly I sent a picture to Mom and Dan and asked why my fingers were blue.  Dan promptly replied with some info he found from Google.  Mom replied and asked me if I'd painted them.  Anyway, the first thing I am thankful for is woolies (aka wool socks).  I got several pairs for Christmas last year but I like the ones that Dan has better so I generally steal his and he doesn't seem to mind because then I'm not putting 10 ice cubes against his leg.  It works out well for both of us.

2)  The past week has reminded me about a bazillion trillion (yes, that's an actual measurement) times how great all of you are.  I am always thankful for the kind words of the blog readers, twitter followers, friends and family but this week has certainly brought that to the forefront of my mind.  So to all of you, thank you for the kind comments and happy wishes.  To the ACU ladies - I think you should add comments all the time but even if you don't I still love that you are reading and keeping up on this little journey.  :)

3)  Looking at the rest of my schedule (since dropping my class) there is another thing I am super thankful for and that are the races that I'm doing.  They do, without a doubt, kick my butt out of bed every morning to get in a walk or run.  I can't lazily wonder if today could be a rest day because I have specific goals about races.  For example, I need to finish this running training program before May 12 for the 5K in Eagle River.  The Journey's 5K was the first race I entered last year and I am going to back to do it again.  But much faster!  I've also set a goal (and now it's real cause I'm telling all of you) that for the race I'm running on Sunday (Oshkosh 5K) I want to finish in 38:00 - that will mean I've cut 4:20 off my time since the Egg Shell Shuffle. So I know that in order to accomplish my goals I have to train and sometimes it's fun and sometimes it isn't but I live/crave for the good runs where you can't wait to go back out.  Having friends and family to go running with also makes it much more fun.  I'm lookin at you Jen B - we need to schedule another running date!

So, what are you thankful for today?  Doesn't have to be big or anything - just share!  Go on.  Share!

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say that I think you are very inspiring to all those out there that struggle with their weight and want to hear advice from real people. Keep it up, you're awesome.