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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


About two weeks after joining Weight Watchers
A couple of weeks ago I needed a new photo and my friend Sheri was very kind to take them for me.  She also shared with me some photos from right after (read:  about 2 weeks) we started Weight Watchers.  When she showed them to me I literally felt sad inside.  I suppose you're probably wondering why on earth I would then show that to the blogosphere (yes, that's totally a real word.  Even if I just made it up)?  Well, that's simple.  I don't know that I can truly celebrate how far I've come unless I look back on where I was and while I don't really enjoy these photos it is certainly a good comparison to look at them next to each other.

April 2012 - 175 pounds lighter
If you remember last week's post you'll know that I was a mere 0.2 pounds away from hitting a milestone.  I was pretty sure I could hit that today, though my scale this morning showed a gain so who knows?!  Anyway, when I got on the scale I knew I had done it.  My leader, Karen, makes a big deal about the celebrations and the attendance at my normal meeting has been growing so there were a LOT of celebrations today, including mine.  This was a pretty big sigh of relief to me because my friend, Jen, and I have been talking about how we were going to celebrate when I lost 175 pounds.  I reached out to some friends on Twitter for suggestions and one was to spend $1-2 per pound lost on a spa day.  Now that's my kind of reward!!  Luckily, Jen spotted a deal yesterday where we get a spa day for 1/2 price ... wow - getting healthier and saving money?  I'm totally all over that.  So I am thrilled to be able to schedule a day for us to go get pampered.

Now... you know I like to share a witty story or something with you so I'll leave you with this nugget.  On Sunday I posted my race recap which included (in my opinion) a pretty funny account of the odd things we saw while we were in Wisconsin.  My sister, Brenda, sent me a text later that night that said ...
Ok, I have a new siting for you.... One lawn mower towing another down a county road.
Seriously people, you can't make this up.


  1. congrats! i'm all about bargains too :) enjoy your spa day

    1. Thanks Teresa! I'm super excited for it! I think I'm going to get the chocolate wrap. The irony of it is making me giddy!! :)