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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding your anchor

Ever since the meeting last week I've "known" that the weigh-in today wasn't going to be good.  In the last month I've lost a lot of weight so I knew there would come a week where I'd bounce (so to speak).  That happened today and even though I knew it was coming it still sucks.  That said let's move on.

The meeting topic was about anchors and not the boat kind!  Your anchor is what helps remind you to stay on plan and make healthy choices rather than unhealthy choices.  I thought for a minute and decided my anchor is being active, and racing to be specific.  Over the weekend my friend, Jen, came over and we went for a run together.  I realize how trivial this may sound but normally when planning a get together with someone it was about what restaurant we would meet at or something that had to do with food/drink.  This was not at all the intention of this get together and I had the best time.  Seriously, an awesome time working out.  I'm not sure where this came from but it felt awesome.

Having someone else to not only be silly with (cause let's face it, we are) but also to share the struggles (e.g. chaffing) and the successes (e.g. an upcoming spa day when I hit 175 pounds) of trying to be active with is awesome.  Who'd have guessed that?

So what or who is your anchor?  One member in our weekly brochure got the WW logo tattooed on her wrist so she would constantly see that.  Do you have a token that you look at to remind you to be healthy?

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