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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sister + Text = Fun Times

Today I got a text from my sister (Hi Brenda!) asking me if I had plans on May 19?  Hmmm... No?  What's up?  She told me they were looking for a 4th person to join their team in The Color Run in Racine.  Wha??? Is this the race where you get some sort of funky colors sprayed at you while you run a 5K?  Oh, yes it is.  I thought for a minute (about the time it took me to get Dan on the phone to confirm we didn't have plans that weekend) and then said YES!  The only rules to the race are that the runner must wear a plain white t-shirt and to have fun.  That's my kind of race!!

Now... to think of a name for our team.  Do you guys have suggestions?

On another note... While at my meeting today a new(er) member asked about my weight loss.  I shared that I've lost 172.6 pounds and she asked if I had a before picture.  I didn't have a *real* before picture but I had one from about a year ago when Diane made goal.  In the picture (which isn't electronic or I'd share it with you) that I showed her I was wearing a long sleeve red t-shirt and she looked from me (when I was wearing a long sleeved purple t-shirt) and she exclaimed, "Oh my god you went from a red apple to purple asparagus!"  Having never been compared to a fruit or vegetable before I busted out laughing.  I don't really have anything else to say about that but I thought it was hilarious (and really something I would say) so I wanted to share it with you.

Also, some folks from the meeting asked for my blog address so I hope they found it.  Hi Peoples!!  Post a comment below to say hello.  Go, now.  :)


  1. Hi Jen,

    I found it! Thanks so much for sharing! I struggled last week after our meeting about talking about our "anchor". I'm not sure why I am doing this...and I'm figuring it out. In the meantime, you are SUCH an inspiration, and I look forward to your sharings at our meetings! Looking forward to catching up on the blog!

  2. Hi Emily! I'm so glad you found it. Honestly it took me a little while after I joined WW to know why I wanted to do it. I'd originally joined with some friends so it was another fun way to hang with my friends (who later stopped coming). Once I realized that I had the power to make the changes that I wanted (but thought I would never have) things got easier. Now I know that I want to be healthy more than I want something to eat or drink. Give yourself some time and don't put too much pressure on finding your anchor but know that anchoring is another good tool to use when things get rough. Let me know if you ever need anything - I'm more than happy to give a pep talk or go for a walk or whatever. Good luck with your journey!