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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Things Thursday - Drugs, training plans and friends

I can't believe it's already Thankful Things Thursday!  I completely forgot to post on Tuesday after my meeting so this post might be a little longer to cover both things.  If you aren't familiar with Thankful Things Thursday please click that link to find out more information.  Now let's get on with the show...

About a week or so ago Dan and I were watching 'Hook, Line and Dinner' and it was in Alaska.  I forgot where the host was but there was an annual race to raise money and awareness for something and I was said, "That's awesome.  I'd love to run a race in Alaska!"  To which Dan replied, "You should look for one that is happening when we're going to be there".  Holy cannelloni, what a great idea!  So I've been looking for races but there seems to be a lot of out of date information (mostly listed as 2011 dates so I'll keep looking).  I don't know why but I'm kind of anxious to get racing season started.  I'm wondering if this has something to do with the fact that I've been kind of lazy in the workout department lately.  I think there is a switch in my head that I have to flip so I don't wait for races to be in the near future before I start getting ready for them.  I took the first step towards that today when I started the 'Couch 2 5K'.  I started mine on the treadmill but I am actually looking forward to taking it outside when the weather is nice.  There is something about being in the fresh air that just seems more awesome.  In addition to the training plan I spent 30 minutes on the recumbent bike covering 3 miles for a total of 5 miles today.  Not bad.

This leads me to the things I am thankful for...

1)  Drugs - thankfully this one isn't for me or Dan!  I am thankful that we can afford good veterinary care for Briscoe because he developed a really nasty case of diarrhea over the weekend.  The doctor thinks he is battling a bout of colitis and told us to switch him to a bland diet.  For the record, it's not like he's eating chimichanga's or anything but now he's eating home cooked rice and boiled chicken.  He seems to really enjoy that as does Tucker who gets a little scoop of that with his regular kibble so that he doesn't feel left out.  Incidentally for those that know me personally you may find it funny (not haha but slightly ironic) that my dog has colitis because I have the "sister" disease Crohn's.  This information will come in handy in #2 so read on...

2)  Training plans -  thankfully this one IS for me!  I'm really glad that I finally decided to look up the couch 2 5K training plan because I really do want to start running more.  Shortly before Briscoe got sick I got a pamphlet in the mail for 'Team Challenge'.  Team Challenge is a 16 week training plan that will prepare you to run/walk a half marathon.  When I got the brochure I really thought about doing it but am really just not sure I'm ready for something like this.  Yet.  After finding out that Briscoe has colitis and with my own battle against Crohn's it seems only fitting that I would decide to try something like this.  I haven't committed to it yet.  I sort of want to make sure that I can run a full 5K first!

3)  Friends - when I went to my meeting on Tuesday I mentioned this whole idea of training for a half marathon and Kim about jumped out of her boot (she's wearing one while her achilles is jacked up) to try to convince me to run THIS year in Vegas with her.  Hmmm....

4)  Fitness/Weight loss  bloggers - I have found some of the best inspiration from people on the interwebs.  Honestly, the talk of great runs (or sometimes terrible runs but what they learned from it) is amazing and makes me want to be more active.  It is also a constant reminder that you can eat well (read:  deliciously) and still be healthy as long as you counteract the eating well with working out.  Sometimes I forget that part but I really do get a lot from those lovely blogging/running/articulate ladies.

5)  Working from home - this one is especially important today because I realized when I got back from the gym that I had no clean yoga pants to wear.  Ugh... oops  So I'm chilling and going to start work wearing my 'Race for the Light' long sleeve T-Shirt (it's golden rod with a reindeer on the front) and some Joe Boxer pink flannel pants with smiley faces all over them.  Oh yeah, I'm totally bringing sexy to the job today!!

So, what are you thankful for?  Let me hear it!!

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  1. I did the couch to 5K too!! Last year I never ran a day in my life and now a year later I am running 5K's like no one's business! Great job on all your successes!