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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goals and Pants... (Clever title, eh?)

About a month or so ago I had to go into the office on a Tuesday for a lunch meeting but I left early to make it back for my meeting.  Please pause and read my original post about spring races (if you haven't already) cause otherwise some of the rest of this post won't make as much sense.  Go on, we'll wait.

The photo I texted people
Ok... for those who are caught up ... on Monday I received a meeting invite that requires me to go to the office on Wednesday so I made a quick dash to some stores to find a new pair of pants to wear.  After hitting a few stores I stopped at Old Navy on my way home.  I grabbed a pair of pants and tried them on and thought that they were a little bit big.  So I went back to the shelf and grabbed another pair and tried them on.  They were a little snug (though the last pair I bought stretched a little and I could feel that these would too) so I wasn't sure.  Having no other choice I took a photo of myself (right) and sent it out to Jen, Mom and Brenda.  Jen replied that they were good, Brenda replied and said 'Perfect', Mom replied and said "well the next size up is going to be too big". Aside from this being a 'yes or no' question rather than short answer I didn't know what to do so I did what any logical person would do - I bought the pants in 2 sizes and brought the smaller size to my meeting today to get approval from my Tuesday regulars about whether they were too small.  All the ladies agreed they looked good.  Even Tim, the one guy who comes to the meeting (and hardly shares anything), said I looked good.  Awesome!!!

This is a big deal people because these pants are TWELVE number sizes smaller than the pants I was wearing when I joined Weight Watchers.

In yet other news... I was named included in the Real Life Biggest Loser stories at this week.

And finally ... Are you getting out and enjoying this beautiful summer-like weather we've been having?

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