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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I may need a new grocery store

Every week after my meeting there are two stores that I visit.  The first one is for mostly produce and to check out the fresh seafood counter.  The second is for other more mundane groceries.  At the second store I've seen the same woman for the past month or so (she works there, obviously) and we exchange the usual niceties.  Tonight when I walked into the store I say her, nodded hello and rushed on to finish my shopping.  When I was finished I hit the self check out lanes (cause there are never any lines) and she began to bag my items and we had this little exchange.

her:  So how's the diet going?
me:  (puzzled cause I thought we were still in the hi, how are you kind of conversation) uh... good.
her:  well you always buy healthy food and you have these Weight Watchers ice cream bars so I figured you were on a diet.
me:  oh, good pick up, yes I am on a diet.  I've lost 160 pounds (feeling pretty proud of myself even though I gained this week)
her:  wow, well I don't want this to come out wrong but you must have been a big lady.
me: ............. uh... yeah I was.

But it gets worse... after I leave the store I call Mom to tell her my little story.  She answers the phone and I ask if they are having dinner.  She says yes but she wants to hear how the meeting went.  So I tell her and then replay the above story and then this:

me:  so really?  How does something like this even happen?  Oh F*** me.
Mom:  (laughing)
me:  Ok well I'll let you go have dinner.
Mom:  Oh, but you should say hello to everyone
me:  Really?  You can give a girl a little notice that she's on speaker phone.  Hello everyone.  Sorry about the F bomb in there.

The conversation continues for a bit but mostly I just want to end it (not "all of it" just the most recent completely embarrassing conversation EVER!)

So does this happen to everyone?  What's been a recent embarrassing situation.

Oh and on the weight loss front ... I've finished week one of the 5K training plan.  I'm feeling pretty good about it even though I don't really follow the training plan to the letter.  The plan says that you're supposed to do the prescribed workout which is about 30 minutes.  On the days when I'm "training" I also spend 20-30 minutes on the recumbent bike.  On the days when I'm not "training" I've been doing my usual 4 mile loop with the dog.

I put training in quotes cause it seems so strange to think of what I do as training.  Does anyone else feel like that?

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