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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All about the celebrations

First, sorry I'm blogging today instead of last night.  I got pulled into a work problem right when I started blogging and by the time I finished with that call I didn't really feel like trying to be witty (actually now that I think about it I'm not sure I have anything witty to share!).  Anyway, our meeting last night was all about the celebrations.  Some people have been long time members who were celebrating and some were relatively new faces, either way celebrations are awesome and I'm so proud and lucky to be in this meeting group because there is so much encouragement!

Of course the encouragement doesn't just happen during the meetings.  I've made some fabulous friends that I email/text with on a regular basis between meetings (I'm talking about you, Jen!) for not only encouragement but also the occasional (read: more often than we care to admit) blunder.  For me it was my Arizona iced tea miscalculation.  For Jen it was all about milk.  That series of text messages still makes me laugh.  Anyway... my point is that there are lots of ways to be encouraged and motivated to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

One of the ways we (Jen and I) are doing that is by training to run a 5K.  We're signed up to run the Egg Shell Shuffle in Schaumburg on April 7.  We've already been devising our strategy since we will not be fully trained to run a 5K so we're planning on running intervals.  We've been texting an emailing each other to check on progress and it really helps keep me on track.  I know I have certain fitness goals for myself but having to be accountable to another person makes me less likely to blow off a training run for something else.

So who encourages you?  Who makes you accountable to eat well or be active?  If you want me to start texting you to make you accountable I will!!

PS - Congrats to Jen, Tashuna, Melany and Diane (celebrated being at GOAL for one year!).  You guys continue to inspire me and I can't think of a better group to be in.


  1. Michelle & Lillian AndersonApril 3, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    There is nothing like the next generation to motivate you to eat better...LILLIAN is my inspiration every day to stay away from crappy food. She has grown up in my kitchen, at farmers markets, knows that brussels sprouts indeed grow on a stalk (and can carry one!), and loves picking out her own fruits and veggies to eat for lunch, dinner, etc. Planting season is just around the corner, so she will also accompany me into the garden to grow our OWN veggies. Not only is it healthy, it's FUN!
    BTW, every time I read your blog I am more and more proud of what you have accomplished! Keep it going, GIRL!

    1. After spending quite a lot of my childhood planting, weeding and harvesting from a garden I feel like I finally have realized the appreciation our parents had for the quality (and quantity) of food we had available. There is nothing that makes me feel a little closer to home than being able to harvest and prepare food from our own garden. I like to think that Grams is looking down on us smiling....

      Hugs to you and Lillian!