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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mid-term break, portion sizes, gReader and more

Welcome to the latest installment of Thankful Things Thursday.

Since I had my final on Saturday I am on break between classes so the next thing I am thankful for is breaks from school.  I love my classes and my program but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming with work, working out and life to also have school on top of things.  I've got plans for my free time and it involves bonding with my kindle and some books that I've been neglecting for awhile.  I am so excited about this you have no idea!

Before I started on this healthifying journey we'd go through food "inventory" pretty quickly.  A box of pasta here a bag of cheese there.  Since we've been eating pretty healthy for the last 21 months (but who's counting, right?) months our "inventory movement" of some items has slowed drastically.  So the first thing I am thankful for today is smaller portion sizes.  Even though we are using less of some products this doesn't necessarily translate into more money in my wallet (pasta is cheaper than fresh produce every time) it certainly has made a difference in our weight as well as in our overall health.  It sort of amazes me how long a box of pasta or a bag of rice will last us now!

I am also super thankful for my google reader.  It's rare that I read blogs on the day they are published but I don't want to miss anything either.  My reader so dutifully goes out and finds all the things I like to read about (currently it's a lot of scrapbooking or health/fitness/weight loss stuff with some of my favorite authors thrown in for good measure) so I never miss anything.  I do tend to get behind in reading but it's fun to catch up on a bunch of posts at once, kinda like watching a whole season of TV at one time rather than waiting for the next episode to come on next week.  I give these bloggers so much credit because most of them have jobs other than blogging and yet the blog almost every day, sometimes more than once a day.  They are all very much into healthy living and fitness so I get a lot of motivation from reading what they do, how they train and how they recover.  They also give product recommendations from time to time which I love because a lot of the fitness stuff is new to me so I want to know how stuff works before I buy it.  Now, in case you're wondering what some of my favorite blogs are I have compiled this little list on the left side of the blog.  You can pick and choose or just click the subscribe button to subscribe to my "bundle".

Lastly, while I am thankful for my dogs (almost) every week this week is special.  On Friday our dog, Briscoe, will turn 4!  We had a cancer scare with Briscoe when he was 2 years old so truly we are thankful for every day that we spend with him.  While he is a little bit crazy (I like to think he's our kind of crazy) he's a really fun dog.  He "knew" instantly when my mom called to tell me that my grandmother died and he came and put his head on my leg and tried to snuggle his sweet little face into my arm.  Happy Birthday Briscoe!

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