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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring races are a comin'

Oh my gosh you guys... I just registered for my first 5K for 2012!!!  I'll be heading up to Oshkosh for the Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5K in April.  I still have to register for the Egg Shell Shuffle which comes before the Oshkosh Half/5K but I wanted to register for this one before the registration fee increased.  I mean I want to do a lot of races this year so I'll save money wherever I can.  Plus, I figured I'd give you guys a few days to decide that you're gonna come and pace me for the race.  Right?  Go on, you can go register for the race too.  I'll wait right here.

In other news... today I had to go to the office for a lunch with my co-workers.  Since I haven't been anywhere that I couldn't wear yoga pants, jeans or pajama pants I didn't have anything to wear.  I made a trip to Old Navy on Saturday and was delighted to buy pants off the shelf from a "regular" store.  I tried them on and they fit and I proudly bought them, some pajama pants (cause really can you ever have enough?), and two T-shirts.  Seriously I was kind of giddy about buying clothes apparently.  Really after 20+ years of buying clothes online both because I don't like shopping and two because it's hard to find clothes that I like/fit when you are an overweight person so it was kind of refreshing to be in an actual store.

Fast forward to after work today when I went to my WW meeting and I told people about my shopping experience and I stood up and did a little twirl.  At which point Melany asked if I'd just bought the pants?  Uh, yes on Saturday.  To which she replied, Jen those are too big.  You should have gone one size smaller.  Clearly I have no idea how to shop for myself when I'm not trying to just buy the biggest size available.  Oops!  Oh well, it's a lesson learned, right?

In one more bit of news, I gained a little this week.  Whether that was due to my new pants/belt combination or the fact that I logged 16 miles so far this month (4 miles per day for 4 days is not too shabby) I'm not tremendously worried.  A little disappointed but last week was a big loss so we're just gonna ride this out and see what next week brings.

Have you ever lost weight and not known how to buy clothes that fit?  How do you know?  I don't want to buy something and wear it thinking it looks good only to have someone tell me that it looks painted on.  Did you take someone with you to tell you when something was too big/small or am I just an idiot?

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