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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cookbooks, Canines and Cleaning. Oh my!

It's Thursday again and that means it's time to reflect on the things that we're thankful for.  If you're unfamiliar with what TTT is, please reference the original TTT post.  In no particular order here are the things that have made my life awesome this week.

1)  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I decided to order a new cookbook for myself.  I love cookbooks, which is to say I love reading them.  I sometimes forget that I'm actually supposed to cook out of them but that's another story.  This one though is totally different.  I ordered One Pot Cookbook from Amazon because it had a slower cooker chapter as well as having the Points+ values for all the recipes.  We've made about 10 recipes out of this book and all of them have been amazing.  Just when you think you find a favorite we try a new one and it's better than the last.  I'm so glad that I bought this cookbook because we've been eating pretty good around here lately!

2)  With the unseasonably warm weather I've been logging quite a few miles in February.  However I noticed that my feet were starting to hurt so I knew it was time for new running shoes!  I am a firm believer that if you're going to be doing a lot of activity that you  need to have the right gear and that means you have to spend some money on your shoes. Recently Dan and I headed to the New Balance store and got fitted for our new sneaks.  I am so thankful I did because my feet haven't been hurting anymore making those workouts so much  more enjoyable.

3)  I am really thankful for my dogs, Briscoe and Tucker.  From time to time they are really frustrating when they start to fight or find it necessary to go outside every 5 minutes.  However, they do bring so much joy to me every day that I can't imagine not having them.  They are always happy to see me when I come home, no matter how long I've been gone or whether I've brought them a new toy or not.  Plus, Tucker makes a great walking partner and I know Briscoe will make a good running partner when I'm ready for that level of intensity.

4)  As of Sunday I met my activity goal for February.  Granted I set a relatively low goal for February because it's a short month and I wasn't sure what the weather would be like.  I'm excited that I reached my goal and now any activity I get in is really just a bonus but it will definitely help me reach my annual activity goal so that's awesome.

5)  Last week we had dinner with our friends, Sheri and Bob.  While we were there we started talking about hoarding - you've seen that show on TLC right?  Well, the next morning I couldn't stop thinking about our conversation and about the contents of my closet and dresser drawers.  It haunted me so much I got motivated to clean so I went downstairs and got some garbage bags and started sorting clothes.  I have 3 bags ready to go to Goodwill so far.  I am definitely thankful for that dinner and the motivation to purge!!

So, what are you thankful for?

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