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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Tonight it became very clear to me that I have not even come close to figuring out how to not eat my emotions.  And I hate that.  Last week I saw my doctor and she gave me a new goal weight.  I was kind of excited about it - about being just 6.2 pounds away from goal.  I mean how cool is that?  So, I worked the plan like normal and tried to continue recovering from the half marathon.  I paid a lot of attention to drinking A LOT of water in order to re-hydrate and the multiple trips to the bathroom per night are proof of that!  I knew, without even stepping on the scale, that I gained because I was pretty sure that the only reason I lost last week was because I was still so dehydrated.

When I finally stepped on the scale before my meeting I was angry, frustrated and disappointed.  I gained 1.6 pounds.  When I got home I was HUNGRY and I ate/drank.  Everything was really delicious and I don't really regret going over my points.  I'm still frustrated that I am stuck at this weight.  Maybe it's my ending weight?  I'm not sure yet... I'm going to try eating more protein again since I lost weight when I really monitored how much protein I was eating per day.  Hopefully that'll either get me off this plateau ....

Any other suggestions?


  1. What you have done is amazing first of all! I just have to say great job to start!

    Maybe you are building back some muscle? Some bloating? Time of the day? Salt/soda?

    You seem to have a good handle on things. Maybe you can get good suggestions from a support community like:

    Don't get disheartened!

  2. A great trainer and friend of mine once told me "Remember that working on your health is not a linear journey. There are peaks and valleys, straightaways and curves. You will have weeks when it seems easy (or less hard) and weeks when it seems impossible. You will fall off the wagon, and you will claw your way back on. The trick is to keep your eye on changes over time."

    It helps me to remember how far I've come. That way I can see that I will get where I'm headed! It may take awhile - I've been at this for about four years - but as long as the line continues to trend in the right direction over the years, I'm okay with that.

    What you've done is amazing. Who you've allowed yourself to become is even MORE amazing. You are a goal-driven athlete; the rest is just gravy.

    Oh, hell, now I want some gravy ...