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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Race Goals: Oshkosh Half Marathon

I started to consider running the Oshkosh Half Marathon way back in November.  Even before I'd completed the half marathon that I was training for at the time.  It seemed so far away and I'd have plenty of time to train (and I have) so that I would really feel ready.  During training I didn't even really think about goals - other than a better/stronger finish than in Las Vegas.  However, I love goals and it'll give me something to think about while I'm out there on Sunday so here we go.
Try to avoid making this face
  1. Finish stronger than Las Vegas
  2. Run happy and enjoy the race because the hard work is done so have a good time
  3. Smile for the photographers
  4. Fuel appropriately during the race so as to not need medical attention this time
  5. Don't fall down
  6. Re-hydrate appropriately after the race and then celebrate all the hard work
  7. Stay with the pace group for at least the first half of the race to prevent going out too fast
If I hang with the pace group for the whole race or run the race that I am planning on running I should run a pace of 10:30/mi.

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