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Monday, April 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training Update: Week 9

Busse Woods Trail - GORGEOUS!
Can you believe that I am one week away from having run a half marathon and 6 weeks away from running another one?  There are definitely times when I don't even recognize my life anymore!

Last week was spent trying to both recover from the Oshkosh half but also figuring out how to transition into half marathon training for the 13.1 Chicago half marathon.  I definitely noticed that my legs were tired when running.  I had to stop much more frequently to rest (even for a few seconds) than I think I should but I suppose it's to be expected.  I am hoping that this week will be much better and my legs will be feeling back to normal.

I didn't really follow a training plan last week as I was trying to listen to my body but here's what I did do:
Steve & Naomi stretching

Monday:  Fat Bike Ride, 3.10 mi
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  Run, 3.20 mi @ 9:41/mi (had some watch problems... grr...)
Thursday:  Fat Bike Ride, 9.01 mi
Friday:  Run, 4 mi @ 9:49/mi
Saturday:  Group Run, 6 mi @ 10:12/mi
Sunday:  Bike Ride, 8.07 mi

Having missed the last two Team Challenge training sessions I had a lot of fun hanging out with my team mates.  It also helped that it was a gorgeous sunny day and we actually WANTED to be outside after the run.  The group had 8 miles on the plan but I wasn't definitely not feeling up to that distance so I put in 6 miles.  I am hoping to be back on the plan, as prescribed, for next weekend.

Who else was running/racing this week?


  1. Love reading about the progression you've made! Good job!

    If you want to get into some more reading, check out
    Great running reads, feedback, plans etc.

    I did a recovery run on saturday morning, and my long run Sunday! Both nice, but wish it wasn't so much cooler on the lake! need a little tan work.

  2. Was your group run at Busse early on Saturday? I passed a few groups out there on my long run (they were going the other way; I am not fast enough to pass anyone!) I may have seen you!

    Sounds like a great week for you; well done! My second half of the year is this Sunday, and I must admit I have mixed emotions. It's the first race I've ever done by myself (I usually have a lot of people at mixed paces in races; we run our own race but gather at the end) so it might suck ... but I am all about making it special, just for me!

    1. Yep - we started running around 7:15-7:30 and we were there until after 9 I think. I train with Team Challenge and we were either wearing blue shirts or black shirts (mine was black). What a small world!

      I think you'll still have a great race and I wish you the best - where are you running?

  3. Our half was at LeRoy Oaks forest preserve in St. Charles; it was BEAUTIFUL! And the best part was, I finished in the upright position, smiling.

    I am sure I saw your group on that Saturday run! I sure do love the small world runners share. Busse is a great place to run; sometimes I feel so lucky to have so many trails in our area to choose from.

    Have a great week!