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Monday, April 15, 2013


The weather last week was really hard on my training schedule.  So.  Much.  Rain.  Not wanting to get sick I took those rainy day work outs indoors to the bike trainer.  I definitely spent more time on the trainer than I would care to do but at least I was active.  I also went out of town late last week for a family event so I was a little out of sorts with how/where to work out.  On Friday I went to a local fitness center and ran on the treadmill.  After about 42 minutes I'd paused the treadmill to take a quick break but when I went to start it back up it reset and started from the beginning.  I took it as a sign and hopped onto an elliptical for another 20 minutes.  It was alright but I definitely prefer to run outside both for the fresh air and changing scenery.  I was thrilled to wake up on Saturday morning to sun (albeit with lots of snow on the ground) and headed out for a wintery run.  I absolutely missed running with my Team Challenge teammates since they definitely make the Saturday long runs even more enjoyable!

Oshkosh Half Marathon Training Schedule
Monday:  Run, 3 miles, easy
Tuesday:  Cross train
Wednesday:  Run, 6 miles, Tempo (w/u, 4 miles @ 9:41, c/d)
Thursday:  Strength train
Friday:  Run, 3 miles, easy
Saturday:  Run, 12 miles
Sunday:  Rest

And here's how the week actually went:
Monday:  Run, 3 miles @ 9:27/mi
Tuesday:  Bike Trainer, 35 minutes, 8.45 miles
Wednesday:  Bike Trainer, 60 minutes, 13.11 miles
Thursday:  Bike Trainer, 30 minutes, 7.10 miles
Friday:  Run, 4.25 miles @ 9:50/mi; 20 minutes on elliptical
Saturday:  Run, 4.31 miles @ 9:58/mi
Sunday:  Rest

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