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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two bad things and a good thing

A few weeks ago my bestie Sheri told me that my pants were noticeably too big.  Like really big.  So, I went out and ordered four new pairs of jeans in different sizes.   I did this both as a reward for losing 20 pounds and a goal to keep going.  That and I had a coupon for 40% off!  I opened the biggest (which was still smaller than any of the pants that I currently have) pair and wore them a few times.... including on Oktoberfest, then I threw them in the laundry pile.

I had lunch plans with my friend Judy today.  I was so excited because I haven't seen her in awhile.  So, I took a bunch of laundry downstairs including the aforementioned pair of jeans.  When it was time to go I went to the dryer and pulled out a pair of jeans and then realized I knew what the 'thunk-thunk' was while the dryer was running.

I'd left my pedometer on my pants.


But I had to get going so I took the pedometer off the pants and felt in the pockets to make sure they were dry.  Then I looked at the pants and found a hole on the back thigh.  Seriously?  I'd only worn these pants a few times, literally.


What made this even worse was that I was afraid I didn't have any other pants that fit.  I went upstairs and found the next biggest pair of pants I had.  The same style jeans but one size smaller.  I pulled them out thinking that these probably wouldn't fit but I had to at least try.  So, you can imagine my absolute shock when I put them on and was able to zip and button them.  I had to go look in the mirror and make sure I hadn't split the pants or something, but nope, they fit.  They were maybe even a little bit too big. 


This was one of those things that was a major victory to me.
So I ask you - what do you do to celebrate these kinds of victories?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go try on my other smaller pants and see what happens!

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