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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I think my body is 'winterizing'

I spent several hours this weekend with my friend Sheri doing some crafty work.  Sheri, coincidentally, is also a member of the Fatties Unite Tonight and one of my besties.  Anyway... she made a comment and I'm still stuck on it two days later.  She said something about the fact that she felt like she was eating more the last few days.

As I said, I've had this stuck in my head for a few days because I've been wondering if when the weather changes if our eating habits change?  The weather where I live in Illinois has gotten colder in recent days.  When it was warmer and sunny I felt like I was hungry for fruits and vegetables all the time.  Now that the weather has turned towards fall I feel like I'm more hungry for heartier meals.  Pastas, chili, stews etc...

Coincidentally, this was one of the topics at our meeting tonight and apparently it's more common than I thought.  People do start craving the homey comfort foods rather than the summertime fruits that we've so carefully added to our daily meal plans.  So,  what kinds of foods are you craving this time of year was the question posed at the meeting.  The first answer was sweets to which my leader, who is awesome by the way, replied I have a great trick for you.  Take an apple and slice it, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sweetener (e.g. splenda, truvia, etc... whatever your fancy) and then microwave it a little.  It's not quite pie but it is a homey comfort and it'll help use up all those apples that you'd been stocking up on.

Now I know that Sheri is cringing when I say this but this is the time of year when I pull the crock pot out from the back of the island where it's been since last winter.  See, Sheri is an avid crock pot cooker, and having THREE of them she can make a professional chef blush with the tasty vittles she cooks up.  She also likes any recipe that has 5 ingredients or less, preferably if it can be made in said crockpot.  Anyway, this is the time of year when the stews and soups start sounding really good.  So, besides a vegetable soup which is generally low in points, what are other ideas of low points or low cal/low fat that I can make?

C'mon... help a fattie out with some recipes or websites that have good ideas!

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