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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pride is apparently low fat/low calorie

Luckily this week I swallowed my pride.  For those who maybe missed a post or two, let's recap.  Two weeks ago I was down 6.2 pounds and last week I was up 6.4 pounds.

This week I was anxious, to say the least, to go to my weigh in.  Fortunately, if for my self esteem alone, I made my leader's jaw drop, again.  This week I am down 5.4 pounds.

I'd gotten to the meeting/weigh-in early so I had a minute to talk to my leader.  She congratulated me on my weight loss and I said I was relieved because I was down.  I explained about last week and the week before so I was nervous about the weigh-in this week.  Someone said this at the meeting last night, if you go through the effort of any sort of weight loss regimen and then you weigh in and you've gained you feel like you failed.  Why, with all the yummy food out there, would you want to do that?

I also told my leader that I very nearly didn't come to weigh in this week.  I told her that I was still determined to work the plan, just not sure about the weigh-in.  She said that's normal and that it's ok to feel like that.  There is another person at the 'office' where we go for meetings and her name is Pat.  I spoke to Pat about the loss/gain/loss and she said maybe that's your pattern.

I thought.... Huh?

She said that some people get into a weight loss pattern like this so there is nothing to get disappointed or nervous about. 

I thought.... Ok, maybe.  This hasn't been my pattern so far, but maybe my body is still getting into the pattern and I should relax a little.  This, of course, is so much easier said than done.

So, this was apparently a good week but somehow it still doesn't necessarily feel like it.  I'll keep working on that.  Any suggestions?


  1. Way to go Jen - you were very would have been so easy not to weigh in this week...which would turn into not weighing in the next. Overcoming that alone is better than anything the scale could say. I am so proud of you!!! (KT)

  2. Ok hopefully this doesn't post twice...Way to go Jen!!!! You were very brave to go and weigh in...overcoming that mental barrier was better than anything that scale would say. We have all been there (are there)...not weighing in this week...I'll work hard and do it next week...and then another week...and suddenly its been 2 months. I am so proud of you...Sometimes staying on top of it - no matter what it says is better than avoidance you know...

  3. I considered only posting one of these but frankly, you're comments were the pick-me-up that I needed so I posted both of them.

    You also really hit the nail on the head, had I not gone I would have thought of excuse after excuse to avoid going which would likely have put me right back at my starting weight. I know there will be some point where my brain will no longer attribute a gain to a loss (if that makes any sense). I mean, at some point I hope that I will no longer get depressed about gaining because I know it will happen. Luckily, I have these fabulous friends and family who never cease to amaze me with their support and love to keep pushing me along.

    Millions of hugs to my 'supporters'!