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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I went to my weigh-in meeting tonight, stepped on the scale and I watched the jaw of my leader hit the floor.  She was shocked and so was I.

When I go to the weigh-in I usually forget what my previous weight was because the scale at my house isn't the same as the WW scale, when I weigh at home throughout the week I track more with the +/- of weight than I do with the actual number.  This week I made a point of checking my tracker while waiting in line.

Did the scale really say that? 
The shock registered on my face.
My leader said, oh my god you hit 10%! 
She then high-fived me which was awesome because that's how I roll.
The loss this week was 6.2 pounds.

I texted Dan to tell him the loss and his response:  HOLY RAVIOLI!!

So the other thing I like to do is put the weight into realistic things.  Like, I lost five pounds so that's a bag of sugar.  Twenty pounds was a bag of dog food.  So, this week when I looked at the weight tracker I thought.... hmmm... that's TWO BAGS of dog food. 

And yes, while I was thinking about this I was screaming in my head (hence the capital letters).

So, I finally got my key chain.  I put my 25 pound charm on it and can't wait to get more charms.

When doing the celebrations my leader always asks something like do you have any inspiration or words of wisdom for the others?  I thought... not really.  I'm still fat.  I'm not as fat as I was and that's a good thing.  Apparently, I wasn't thinking about it at this point because I actually said that out loud.  I said, I'm sorry if that's offensive to others but that's why I'm here, the rest of you are fine.  You can celebrate my 10% by having a cookie!

See, I have to make myself accountable for my actions, both past and present in order for this to be a lifestyle change instead of a diet.  If I'm accountable for this the same way I'm accountable for paying the Com-Ed bill or the water bill, then I feel like I don't have to work at it quite so hard.  Or maybe the time is just starting to make these things more familiar to me.  Either way, I've learned good habits.  I'm happy. 

Someone remind me of this the next time I have a bad week, ok?


  1. Thanks Teresa! It's been a bumpy journey but definitely a fun one so far.

  2. Awesome....just awesome! I'm so proud of you and am so happy that I get to share this journey with you! FUT ROCKS!

  3. Thanks Sheri! It's certainly been an entertaining journey. I hope everyone else thinks so too!!