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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I DID IT!!! (The 9K version)

Crossing the finish line
I walked my first 9K today and I will definitely do it again. There were some things I wish I'd done differently, like not getting sick last week and missing out on some crucial training days, which really would have just put my mind at ease before and during the race.  The view from the course was amazing as we walked past Lake Michigan and through North Avenue beach and finished in Lincoln Park.  

It's easy to be inspired by the other people in the area and there was no shortage of runners, walkers and bikers along the course.  When I see them I want to go faster which was kind of a struggle from time to time because it takes me off my game which frustrates me.  I know that the more I do this (more training and more races) that I will get comfortable being at my pace and this desire to constantly go faster or keep up with others will pass, or at least subside.

About a mile away from the finish line my fabulously supportive and funny sister-in-law, Laura (who ran the race today), came and met me and gave me the push to get through the end.  I don't know why but it was reassuring to see her along the course and being able to talk to her took my mind off the fact that my side hurt and my legs were getting tired.  It was exactly what I needed at the moment that I needed it.  (THANKS LAURA!)

My unofficial time (based on the app on my iPhone which I forgot to stop when I crossed the finish line) was 1:25:49 which was 5 minutes faster than when I walked the 9K in training.  I was happy although I think the app hit a couple of glitches while I was walking so I'm really waiting to see what my chip time was before I get excited.

After the race we headed to Revolution Brewing for some lunch and drinks.  It was certainly a high PointsPlus day but one that I thought I earned considering all the activity.  I suppose I'll know for sure when I get on the scale on Tuesday.  :)

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