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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Support was the topic at this week's meeting and it comes it many forms.  Support from your family to encourage you to make healthy decisions.  Support from your friends to continue on the journey.  Support can also come from your co-workers who can try to encourage you to put down the doughnut in the break room or decide to take a walk instead of sitting at your desk for lunch.  Support can also come from the other people at the meeting who are there to encourage you to continue on even if you think that you've done the worst thing in the world and the scale agrees.

I know this to be true because last week I had a weight gain and while it wasn't horrible any weight gain is still depressing, no matter how much I say that I will stay positive.  My work schedule has been fairly unpredictable because I knew I'd be in the office but for some reason it hadn't occurred to me that being in the office also adds four hours of time to may day in the commute.

So I missed (well not really miss but you know what I mean) working out on the days I was in the office.  Then last Friday when I worked from home I decided that I had to get in a good workout so I got up and spent an hour on the treadmill.  This was my first full hour walking and while I'd done the 60 minute Jazzercise class I wasn't really prepared for that length of time although I felt fabulous after I was done.  Saturday I spent 35 minutes on the treadmill plus some time in the backyard playing with the dogs as well as picking up the backyard.  Sunday was a long workout at 60 minutes on the treadmill.  This was apparently enough to spark the scale to go down this week and I was really please to have lost 3.4 pounds this week.

So do you have people who are supporting you to eat healthy?  To be more active?  To make healthy choices?

PS - I also have to say that I found out today that my friend Misty and her husband Joe have lost a collective 17 pounds and I am so beyond proud of them and I wanted to give them a special shout out.  Way to go you two!

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