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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This weekend was a scrapbook retreat weekend and on Friday we ordered pizza (sausage, onion, peppers, mushrooms), bread sticks (plain baked dough, not even any garlic) and beer nuggets (essentially fried dough, no taste of beer).  I ate like a pig and with all that dough I knew I was way over in my points allowance for the day.  I did however make one fundamental change, I hit the treadmill in fitness center on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  I didn't walk nearly as long as I had been last week but it was something. 

Apparently that and the other training for the 5K have in fact paid off.  I went to my meeting today and when I weighed in I honestly couldn't remember what I weighed last week.  I knew what I weighed on my scale but that's usually different from the WW scale.  My leader looked at me with a really excited face and I said, ok tell me because I don't remember what last week was.  Karen said, no I want to show you.  She held up my weight record and pointed out that I'd lost 4.8 pounds since last week and 75.4 pounds total.

Before the meeting the usual ladies and I were discussing a whole bunch of things, including Weight Watchers vs. other weight loss plans.  Before we got married, charming husband and I both started on Seattle Sutton.  This turned out to be great for us at the time because we were in the process of getting our condo ready to sell, moving and then renting an apartment for a few months until our house was built so the convenience of having your meals planned and prepared for you (short of microwaving them) was awesome.  Though very expensive.  A few months after the wedding we both stopped and I gained back all the weight I'd lost, and then some.  The problem is that none of those other plans teach you how to really live while continuing to lose or maintaining.

Some new folks were at the meeting tonight so they seemed particularly interested in why we were WW members.  Being able to learn how to cook for yourself so you are in control of your meal plan, being able to learn how to eat when you're not home are HUGE reasons to love WW.  There is also the matter of the meetings.  I have a lot of meetings nearly every day for work so I wasn't tremendously crazy about having one more meeting, but I was so wrong.  The meetings are a great place to meet people who have a similar interest (trying to get healthy).  Not to mention the things you can learn from the other members. 

When I started WW I thought I wouldn't be able to have pasta again because it was too high in points.  I was wrong and one of the other members told me where to find a low point kind of pasta.  Then another member mentioned a tortilla that she found that was only 2 points (1 point for the small tortillas) and that was great.  So there is a huge amount of information you can learn from the meetings from everyone who attends.  The biggest reason I love the meeting is that there are people there who have lost a lot of weight.

At my meeting there is a woman who has lost (as of this week) 96 pounds!!  I love being able to talk to her and hear what she does.  I mean I know we all see the commercials of celebrities who have done every weight loss plan imaginable but being able to see the progress someone is making on a weekly basis and having the opportunity to ask questions and learn what has worked for them is a big advantage and I love it.  It also keeps me motivated to lose more. 

So, I say to all of you who are on this weight loss journey, whether you are doing WW or another plan, CONGRATULATIONS!!  What you have done is amazing already.  So what are you doing to celebrate?


  1. wow jen 75lbs is terrific! congratulations!

  2. The real question is, "What are YOU going to do to celebrate?" This is an awesome achievement and I'm so proud of you! You make it look so easy and yet I know it's definitely something you've focused on and set your mind to, so a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!

  3. Thanks Teresa!

    Sheri, I did a two part little celebration. The first part was that I bought myself a 6-pack of snapple tea (I realize this sounds lame but I almost never buy snapple except as a reward or when traveling) the second was a 6 pack of Capital Amber (I had two last night so today's workout is going to be even more important). Apparently I also need to find some new pants because mine are, again, too long. :)

  4. So awesome and cool, congratulations on sticking with it and making it a lifestyle change that will make the rest of your life much more enjoyable and longer!!!

  5. Thank you Jas.

    It really does help to have everyone's encouragement.