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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's experiment time again!

Remember a couple of months ago when I shared my story of four pairs of pants?  Well, apparently it's time for me to do that again.  I have accumulated a number of pairs of pants over the years and as I've gained and lost weight I've donated a few pairs when they no longer fit.  However I retained a stack of pants that I assumed, incorrectly of course, were of smaller sizes that I hoped to one day fit in.

No such luck.

All of the pants are slightly to way too big, though I did find one pair that is the exact same size that I was wearing when I started on this life altering journey.  I'm going to keep them so that at the very least I can, when I get to my goal and in the privacy of my own bathroom, have one of those "look how much weight I've lost when I drop these pants" type scenes.  So stay tuned for more updates on that.  :)

On another note... There is a lady at my weigh-in who started around the same time I did.  She hit her goal today of 100 pounds!!  I'm almost certain she doesn't read my blog but I'm still incredibly proud of her for that.  She is someone I really look up to for support during meetings.  As you may or may not know I am going to be starting a new job on Monday and the hours will not afford me the opportunity to go to my regular Tuesday meeting so I'm going to miss those ladies.  While I may not be able to attend my regular meetings I'm going to try to go to meetings but for certain I'll still go weigh-in and of course, I'll still be providing my own brand of humor right here for your enjoyment.

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