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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's a struggle

Based on the success that I've had with weight loss I feel like I should always lose weight.  For some reason I also feel like people expect me to lose weight.  Weeks when I have a gain are disappointing and I feel like I let people down.  It should come as no surprise when I say that this weigh-in this week did not go well.  I have a scale at home and it has been up and down over the past week, at one point it said I lost 2 pounds and the next day that I gained 5 pounds.  Basically I have no idea what is going on but I knew it didn't "really" matter until I went to the official weigh-in at the meeting last night.  That scale said I gained 2 pounds.  Naturally I was disappointed but I had kind of expected it.

A few days ago I took my measurements (I take them every 4-5 weeks) and I had lost an inch here and there so I was happy with that.  I also know that in the past two weeks my activity has really increased to the point where I'm earning 40+ activity points per week and usually eating less than half of those.  My "inquisitive" brain (aka anal retentive) wanted to know how I gained?  I've got 3 theories:

  1. I went overboard with the free fruit last week (I did eat almost a whole watermelon by myself)
  2. I gained some muscle when increasing my activity level
  3. I am actually dehydrated due to extra running but thought I was hungry so I ate rather than hydrate
I'm going to really try to keep an eye on these things for the next couple of weeks.  I also know that since I've had such great success that I sort of felt like "I know what I'm doing" and got a little lax with tracking.  I always track but would do so AFTER I ate something and then it's too late.  I need to be better about tracking BEFORE I eat it so I can look at the PP value and really decide if it's worth it.  


  1. It is a struggle, but you must realize how many others you have inspired. I have only lost 45 lbs and have 6 or 7 lbs to goal. This seems trivail compared to your achievements, but has been and continues to be a challenge. Don't focus on the numbers it is the journey that is important not the destination. I know I will get there.

    1. I realize that I have inspired others but that was a happy side effect I guess. Congratulations on getting rid of the 45 pounds - that's awesome!! Are you doing things now that you weren't doing before? Are you loving it? :)

  2. My guess is you are gaining muscle, I think if you ask your trainer she will tell you just that. Just my guess.

    I have to say Jen the numbers are a hard thing to not look at but I honestly think you have done such an amazing thing and that is what you need to focus on. Don't worry about what others think, its what you think that counts! Hang in there and keep up the work. Like P90x says.... "Do your best and forget the rest"

    1. I hope a few small changes (monitoring how much fruit I'm eating and changing my work outs) will help. I think I just got cocky about the whole thing and I'm trying to be better about what I think it's all a challenge, ya know?!