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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family + google

This past weekend was spent in my home town in Wisconsin.  Every two years my extended family gathers for a family reunion.  Some of these people I've seen and keep in touch with on a semi-regular to regular basis.  Others I haven't seen since the last reunion but love catching up with.  Add lots of family (and a few new babies I hadn't yet met) and good food to the fact that I was excited to show off a little (they'd seen me on The Dr. Oz Show but c'mon, I've lost 180+ pounds and that screams showing off!) and catch up.  A few people me chuckle a little.  One such interaction:
Him:  Who are you?
Me:  I'm Jen
Him:  No you're not!
Me:  Yes I am
Him:  Roger's daughter?
Me:  Yes!
Others were more convinced about who I was and I got some great big bear hugs!  A few family members actually lifted me off the ground (seriously that was awesome and odd all at the same time) as they hugged me but regardless it was amazing to see family again.  Aside from the hugs Saturday was all about the food - between food prep, eating and clean-up there was food all around.  Since it is basically a pot luck event I cut up a mess load of vegetables and made my favorite vegetable dip.  While I'd planned to go out for a run that day it didn't happen but we did go for a walk with some family members and that was fun too.  

It was sad to come home (cause my whole family is all kinds of awesome) but then I started to look at some blog stuff and I know that there are a number of things that have brought people to here.  Some are family, friends, friends of friends or family, etc... some get here by a search on the world wide web.  I thought we'd take a minute to find out how/why people got here.  This is information that I tend to look at but haven't shared, until now.  The search term they used to get here is in italics and my comments are following them.

  1. Color Run Racine - Where ever you are if you can run a color run - DO IT!  It's the race that doesn't feel at all like a race.  Some people walked and some ran so it's open to all fitness levels.
  2. Humorous things that you're thankful for - I'm thankful for things that aren't even funny but I'm glad you're here!
  3. Naked weigh-ins - if you find a center that does these, let me know cause some weeks I know that's the only way I'd lose weight!
  4. Anna Devlantes - I'm not actually her but she was super nice and so am I so I guess we could be twins?
  5. Broiled Mushrooms - These are awesome and if you're making them I do still expect an invite!
So what'd you guys do this weekend?  Spend time with family?


  1. I popped over from Prior Ft Girl and wanted to say your story is amazing! You're an inspiration.

    1. Hi Leah! Thanks for stopping over. I love to read the Prior Fat Girls stories too!! :)

  2. I also saw your progress pics link there & think you've done one heck of a job:-)

    1. Thanks! It's definitely been an interesting journey and I love the friends that I've made through it.