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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some feedback

Last week, before we left for Wisconsin, I looked at the weather report and realized it was going to be pretty chilly up there.  I haven't had to wear long pants for months so I didn't have any that fit.  I'd ordered some new clothes but wasn't sure they would arrive in time so I headed to my local plus size clothing store to buy a new pair of jeans.  I pulled a couple of pairs out, tried them on and realized they were all too big and much to long.  What happened?  Did I shrink when I walked in the dressing room?  So I asked the lady for help and she pulled out a pair of jeans that were the the same size but in petite (apparently that's length and not width, go figure) that fit much better.  So I bought them and a few other things and was on my way.

On Saturday after being caught in the rain during our walk/hike I put on the new jeans with a long sleeve t-shirt.  My sister arrived shortly after and we were visiting... at one point the subject of my new jeans came up (I'd been texting with her the night that I bought them) and she looked at me and said, your pants are still too big. 


I guess that's good, right?

PS - If you didn't see yesterday's post (yes, you're so lucky you get two this week) you can read what I think about vacation and weight loss.

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