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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Naked Weigh Ins?

Tonight at our meeting my regular leader, Karen, was training a new leader.  His name is Mike and while I didn't weigh-in with him (I got there before he started doing the weigh-ins) I can imagine that being weighed in by a man can be uncomfortable.  Let's face it, the number on the scale is likely more closely guarded than our age!  As I've said in previous posts, I adore the Tuesday meeting ladies, even more so after this comment from Liz, who had just weighed in with Mike.  She said, "Well I guess naked weigh-ins are out of the question now!"  I had to ask her to repeat herself because clearly I must have misheard her?  Nope, she repeated it and I busted out laughing.

The meeting was different, obviously, since it was a whole different leader.  As much as I'd like to say that I'm really flexible when it comes to adapting to new leaders this one was difficult for me.  I really enjoy the meetings that Karen leads and have even sought them out if I miss my regular meeting.  She has an infectious belief that everything is possible and I rarely, if ever, have left without feeling like I have the energy and encouragement to keep going and that it this whole lifestyle is really worth it.  She stands at the front of our room and isn't afraid to laugh, both at herself and the world.  I really like that and I missed it tonight.

How do you deal with changes like this?

PS - I weighed in this morning on my scale and it registered 0 change.  I was not looking forward to weigh-in but when I got on the scale at my  meeting Karen had a big smile on her face but she wouldn't tell me my change.  She said that she wanted it to be a surprise during the celebrations of the meeting!  She even threatened to hold onto my weight tracker until the meeting but finally relented and gave it to me.  Seriously?  -2.2 pounds.  Yeah, I'll take that!


  1. i'm so happy for you, you are so consistent in losing weight almost every week!