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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Realistic Role Models

Today I had to be at my office for a meeting which ran way longer than it was supposed to and I didn't make it home in time for my meeting.  Luckily I ran into many of my Tuesday ladies as they were coming out of the meeting so I got lots of updates on how everyone's week went before I went to weigh in.  After my weigh-in I was talking to Pat about role models.  We both agreed that it is important to have realistic role models that we can find inspiration from.  This got me thinking about role models.

I'm extremely lucky to have some great role models.  First my sister, Brenda, has faced and conquered her own weight problems and is now competing in various races from 5Ks to marathons to triathalons.  She gives me great advice on any number of health and fitness topics.  I'm also lucky enough to have a 100+ pound loser in my meeting group, Dianne, who is so fabulously encouraging all the time regardless of the kind of week I've had. She has reached goal and become a lifetime member and still comes to meetings weekly.  It's great to see that not only can you lose a lot of weight on this program but that you can keep it off.  Lastly, my sister-in-law has battled cancer and is excelling in races like the Warrior Dash.

Since I started this journey I've also found out that there are a lot of people who are inspiring me to get active.    Several of my friends have done the Warrior Dash over the weekend.  Congratulations to you all! My friend, Don, is running the Chicago Marathon in a few short weeks.

I guess what I hadn't realized was that I have an extensive list of role models.  Wow, how amazing is that?  There are even people who you don't really expect to be interested who are willing to offer encouragement and advice when I'm having a rough time.  (Yes, I'm lookin' at you Chris!)  I know that without all of these people that I wouldn't be as successful as I've been.  So, to all of you, THANK YOU!

Do you have great role models?  What do you look for in a role model?

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