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2013 Race Schedule

Date Race Name Pace
Mar 22 Jelly Bean 5K 10:02/mi
Mar 23 Jelly Bean 10K 10:00/mi
Apr 21 Oshkosh Half Marathon Race Goals Race Recap 11:20/mi
May 11 Journey's 5K Race Goals Race Recap 8:58/mi
May 26 Broiler Days Fun Run - PR Race Goals Race Recap 9:17/mi
Jun 08 13.1 Chicago Race Goals Race Recap 11:51/mi
Sep 8 Chicago Half DNS
Nov 02 Tyranena Beer Run - PR Race Goals Race Recap 10:43/mi

Where else should I run?


  1. Found your blog from Chicago Running Bloggers... You look amazing! Aweesome!
    I will be the at Egg Shell Shuffle. Doing the half but maybe we will run into each other at the egg hunt! :)

    1. Actually I won't be at the Egg Shell Shuffle this year - It sold out before I registered. :(