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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Race-aversary

It was THREE years ago that my sister, Brenda, convinced me to make one of the best decisions of my life.  Saturday will mark the third anniversary of my participation in the Journey's 5K Race in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  I can't help but be tremendously thankful to Brenda for the encouragement to start my journey to being more active because without her I know I wouldn't have (among other things):
Yeah!  More Race Photos!!

  • Lost an additional 118.2 pounds
  • Completed an additional 22 races of varying lengths
  • Met some of the greatest friends I could ever imagine - my #TeamChallenge teammates
That first race was hard - it was cold and rainy and this was LONG before I knew anything about wicking/dry-fit clothes.  I completed that race wearing layers of cotton everything!  From a short-sleeved t-shirt and long sleeved t-shirt, yoga pants, and socks!  I topped it all off with a fleece sweatshirt, winter hat and gloves.  Brenda (who was running the 5K) and I stopped at a Walgreens for pre-race bathroom needs and on the way out we grabbed two rain ponchos.  There is nothing like sweating your way through all that cotton clothes and wearing, essentially, a plastic bag over yourself to hold in all the sweat/heat!  

It didn't matter, the course was nice - imagine country roads winding through the most gorgeous northern Wisconsin woods - though hillier than I was used to.  My goal was just to finish and while I didn't doubt that I would I was terrified at how long it would take me.  I walked that day for 57 minutes and 41 seconds before crossing the finish line.  I was hot and sweaty and my feet felt raw from walking in wet cotton socks for so long but as I approached the finish line I could see and hear my friends and family cheering for me.  I felt like such a badass!  I also knew I was hooked!!

I can't wait to run this race this weekend and while my goals have changed significantly (aiming for a sub 29:00 finish) from that first 5K three years ago I know that it'll be an amazing race and I feel so fortunate to have been given this gift.  I cannot believe all that I have accomplished and I look forward to everything that is yet to come, including more feeling like a badass!


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  1. I predict a 28 minute finish for you! Keep up the hard work! You're doing great