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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feelings about goal weight

When we last met (ok, not really since I had to brag about my 10K PR this weekend but just go with me) I said that I wanted to think about hitting goal before I actually blogged about it.  For something that has taken me nearly three years to accomplish you'd think I'd have a lot to say and that I'd be prepared to say it.  I've been thinking about it for the past week and the best I've come up with is... WOW!  I thought I'd summarize my weight loss journey and wrap it all up in a nice bow for you fine folks but I realize that is a little silly since I've been blogging about my journey from the beginning.

Instead let me share with you some very random thoughts.  When I started on this weight loss journey I never thought about how things would change and differences that I would notice.  These are generally a thought that lasts all of a second but they kind of make me chuckle.

  1. My pants pockets are so much smaller (as are my pants, obviously)
  2. I used to be able to reach the pedals in the car with the seat all the way back so Dan and I never had to adjust them.  Now I can't reach the pedals and I have to move the seat up pretty far.  I usually forget to  move the seat back when I am done driving and Dan ends up trying to fold himself into the car the next time he drives it
  3. My feet are narrower but I keep getting bigger running shoes - seriously THAT needs to stop
  4. Clothes are smaller (obviously) and putting them into suitcases/dresser drawers is kind of comical
  5. My fingers/hands have shrunk but I hadn't realized my wrists would shrink too
  6. I can sit in any chair without worrying about getting bruises on the outsides of my thighs from the arms of the chair
  7. I was never into dresses/skirts before but now I sort of enjoy wearing them
What random thoughts do you have that make you chuckle?


  1. Thee first comment was the best! not one you think of. As a guy, I love the giant pockets! since i've lost weight, the slimmer pants hve less room in pockets, and my freaking running thighs! I can't carry a wallet as easily anymore.

    Keep up your journey! You're doing great!

  2. Haha, things you don't think about when you are going through this journey! It is hard to wrap it up in a nice little bow, isn't it! I am so proud of you! And congrats on your 10K PR too! What an amazing time you are having!!! xxoo

  3. The pockets thing actually kind of annoys me. Yeah, my pants are a smaller size to fit my smaller body but my cellphone hasn't changed. One day it's going to fall into the toilet. Lol!

  4. Oh, and of course another giant congratultions!!! You are amazing!!!

  5. COngratulations! I am a new reader (found your blog through another one that I read) and I really have enjoyed going back through your posts! I love this summary and I am definatley looking forward to smaller pockets!