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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some things change. Some don't, thank goodness!

My view walking into work!
A few weeks ago I was all in on blogging, again. I promised myself that I'd blog once a week to help get these 15 pounds off.  And for a few weeks I did just that, while I lost and gained.  Then my life basically turned upside down.  In addition to starting a new job in Wisconsin we started house hunting.  The promise that I'd made to myself to follow my training program suddenly fell by the wayside along with the pledge to blog.  I've tried to get out and use my lunch break to take a walk; both to get in some steps during the day but also to get away from work and clear my mind. While the daily workouts have been random my long runs have been on point.

Ironically, none of that is what actually triggered me to post today.  It was seeing this old post from a million years ago when I talked about what motivated me.  It was true then and it's probably even more true now.  We're moving to a city that has an amazing bike path system and I'm hoping to commute to work via bike more often than not.  We bought a house near a neighborhood so we could walk places rather than having to drive 20-30 minutes or more to get anywhere.

I'm currently staying with family who live in a house in that situation.  I've really enjoyed walking to the market to get some fruits/vegetables or walking to the local diner for a salad.  I'm guessing that has helped when it comes time to step on the scale.  The first week I was in Madison I gained 1 pound; the next week I lost 1.4, last week I lost 2.6 pounds.  The motivation is the same - to not be defined by my weight.  Whether I'm 215 pounds heavier or at my goal weight.  I just want to be able to live and move.  To have a good time and start this new adventure.

Can you define what your motivation is?  Has it changed?


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