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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Suck it up, Sally

Yes, it's really just time to suck it up.  Last week I wondered how much more weight I could lose and whether I should just thank my lucky stars that I've come as far as I have and begin figuring out how to maintain the weight that I've lost.  The comments I've gotten were amazing and I appreciate every single one of them and I want to THANK YOU for them.  I think the messages you guys shared about focusing on body fat percentage are correct and that the weight will either fall in line or not but that I need to stop focusing on what the scale says.

I listened to a podcast from that featured my Twitter friend, Kelly, and we are about the same amount of weight away from goal (actually she's closer than me but whatev...) and she's not stopping.  She's focusing on getting healthy and hitting her goal.  Why can't I?  Kelly was one of the people who posted that changing up my routine would be a good thing.

I also spoke with my beloved Coach Barbara, who gave me (another) Gibbs like headslap (for those NCIS fans out there) when she reminded me that routines need to vary or our bodies will get used to them and become more efficient in dealing with them and so the body doesn't have to work as hard.  At which point I practically slapped myself!  Seriously, it was a full on 'duh' moment.

This is advice that I'd given to friends and fellow Weight Watchers members so why wouldn't this apply to me?  Well, it does and there is no better time to really put this into practice than with half marathon training.  After the half in December I would just run and never had a plan so it was just random miles.  If I felt like 3 miles I'd run 3 miles if I felt like 6... well, you get the idea.  I tried to do one longer run per week and a few shorter ones but there was very little variation to the schedule and I basically stopped strength training.  With the cold and the wind it was also easier to run more days a week than it was to bundle up and get back on the bike to ride on the cross training days.

So the pity party I was having for myself ends now.  I have a half marathon training program and I'm going to follow it.  Including heavier strength training, good cross training (even if it means I have to do it indoors) and planned/solid running miles on the days I'm supposed to run.  I'm also going to start taking measurements again.  I used to do it all the time but then stopped and I think it's going to be even more important now since there are more likely measurement changes happening even if the scale isn't moving.

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